Halloween Candy Wine Pairings

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M&Ms and Merlot? Charleston Chews and Chardonnay? Skittles and Sangiovese? Yes, you CAN pair wine with leftover Halloween candy (or those pieces you swiped from your 4 year olds Trick-or-Treat stash on the sole basis of protecting her teeth). In the basic world of food & wine pairing, the wine should always be sweeter than [...]

Green Wines Infographic

Green Wines Infographic

Happy Earth Day! In honor of Earth Day, I am sharing Wine.com‘s Green Wine Infographic. What are you doing for the Earth today? Presented By Wine.com Purveyors of fine green Wines



Have you heard about #2DaysInSeattle? If not, where have you been? Rick Bakas, fellow Certified Sommelier and food and wine pairing nut (ummmm, sounds familiar right?) is giving away a 2 day trip to Seattle. #Booyah The question to answer? What will you do with $500 and 2 days in Seattle?   That’s an easy [...]

Host a Wine Tasting Party

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Have you ever hosted a wine tasting party? It’s easy, fun and will expose you and your party guests to new wines! Head on over to the BevMo! Tasting Room today to learn how to host a wine tasting party~ my tips, tricks and wine picks!  

How to Serve Champagne

Champagne, how to serve Champagne, sparkling wine

Did you know there is a proper way to open and serve Champagne? Did you know that the loud pop associated with opening Champagne is actually not what you should hear? Champagne and other sparkling wines should be enjoyed often so head on over to the BevMo! Tasting Room and read my tips and tricks [...]