Wordful Wednesday: The Purple Wig

I may not have found the purple wig in my attic during The Great Baby Gear Purge, but boy did I find pictures! Don’t worry, these pictures are PG-rated.

That’s right, the famous Bachelorette Party Purple Wig. And since The Bachelorette  just started on TV this week, I decided it would only be right to pay some respect to the all-mighty purple wig for Wordful Wednesday (the I just can’t shut my mouth about pictures Wednesday). All I have to say before you view these pictures is: The Purple Wig is…




 Don’t let this picture fool you. I was totally sober. Hmmmmmmm…….



My completed “Tasks Board” from the night. You don’t want to know what was on there.


Ali, the current bachelorette on TV better hurry up and find her mate so that she too can have a kick-ass bachelorette party and wear a purple wig. If only she could be so cool.

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  1. I remember that purple wig oh so well. You should post a pic of all of us in all black, with cowboy hats on and you in all white with a purple wig. ahh, so much fun. Didn’t we ride a bull at that western bar?

  2. All I remember was you in that bus going around hugging and kissing all of us AKA happy drunk!! ;) You were also a very good sport about your to-do list.. there was a lot on there and you did ‘em all!! That a girl!! Ha! Ah the good old days!!

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