Wordful Wednesday: Our bountiful garden

As you know, we are a family of gardeners. Spend time outside/wear our kids out/plant beautiful flowers/grow our own vegetables kind of family. And no I am not trying to take credit for this wonder. My husband is the master-mind behind our beautiful garden. We are well into our *enjoying the fruits of our labor* part of the summer and for Wordful Wednesday, I wanted to share some of our veggies with you. I am sparing you from more zucchini and yellow squash pictures. As you know from my zucchini bread post, we have TONS of those. Plus I already added that picture. Wouldn’t want to bore you with the same picture!

Wish I could pass these veggies all around, but alas neither Steve Jobs nor Bill Gates has perfected that Internet wonder yet. I know we have many many more months of yummy veggies to enjoy!  My favorite are my little yellow pear tomatoes! Delish!!



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  1. Awesome! Don’tcha just love all that green… and red, and yellow… all those beautiful veggie colors. Yum! {I picked over 100 cherry tomatoes yesterday! Lost count after that, LOL!}

    Have a delicious day! =)

  2. Loaner Dog dug up my one chance at fresh tomatoes last week. For a bone. A. BONE! Luckily Mimi and Papa have a farmer’s sized garden over at their house and they gifted me a bunch of ugly, but delicious, tomatoes for salsa. Yeah Mimi and Papa for making me keep your wildebeast of a dog who ruins stuff and making up for it by giving me fresh produce. Almost the same as growing them yourself and marveling in the joy of accomplishment when you finally get to eat it. NOT!

    -Yours look beautiful and I sincerely hope you enjoy them. Just had to get that offa my chest first. So, um, thanks!

  3. Id show you pics of our garden— but its embarrassing compared to your beautiful garden. Ours has been growing for ab 2 months now— and we have just a few little things sprouting up…. nothing eatable just yet.

    Great job! Maybe you can now come over and grow ours.

  4. Bee-autiful!!! If you have a lot of zucchini… I bought this amazing salad he other day- that had zucchini that was peeled really thin (raw) with dried cranberries, walnuts and goat cheese! It was so delish and I really like the crunchy zucchini idea and with it peeled really thin it had a great texture! Anyway, I love your garden!!!

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