Nash-Vegas: 10 Years Ago

Nash-Vegas = Nashville, TN

Nash-Vegas = My College Town (Vanderbilt University)

Nash-Vegas = Where My 10 Year College Reunion was this past weekend

Unfortunately, due to a variety of reasons (2 kids, lack of babysitter, lack of $, lack of time, my dad being sick), we were unable to attend our reunion. However, don’t think I wasn’t reminiscing all weekend. College = Good Times.

No, I take that back.


Partying all night, sleeping in until noon, learning something new each day in class, spending so much quality time with your friends….I could go on and on. I LOVED college. It was the best. I met my husband in college and some of my very best friends that I will have for a lifetime.


I know that many more memories were made this past weekend. I am sad that Josh and I couldn’t go. However, we can always relive college. We will always have pictures. That’s right!! Hysterical, dress-up, partying college pictures! In honor of my 10 year college reunion this past weekend, I am going to show you some college highlights. And don’t worry, these are the PG-13 pictures.

The Early Dating Years: Young Love


I was crazy back then and I am just as crazy now. And yes I LOVE big obnoxious sunglasses.


The Dress Up Years: 70′s Party x2 (Yes, Josh likes to wear wigs)


Besties are the BEST and yes we loved to drink & party (and yes we STILL like to do that too!)



And here I am with one of Josh’s roomies in college….and YES I had my tongue pierced. And YES, my dad made me take it out the minute he saw it.


Cheers to college and keeping my fingers crossed that I can attend the 20 year!


Who else had this much fun in college? Do you have super fab pictures too?

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  1. Theta Mom says:

    OMG – you are so my kind of girl! I wish you lived closer because we would live it up! ;) I loved, loved, loved college – some of the best memories. Ever.

    And you two are just too cute – love the pics!

  2. Jen says:

    You had WAY more fun in college than I did. I was such a good girl.

  3. Suzanne says:

    Looks like you enjoy college as much as I did.

    I’m head back to college this weekend, 2nd trip this year to hang out with my sorority sisters. I miss those days.

  4. Kristy says:

    I had a freakin blast in college as well. I probably shouldn’t publish any pictures…

  5. Sandra says:

    I still love big obnoxious sunglasses. Loved the pictures and the flashbacks!
    Sandra’s last blog Im a big- fat- stupid head

  6. Stefanie says:

    Those flashback pictures are great!

  7. You two look so shiny and new! You had more fun than I in college. I studied abroad a year and had great friends, but I studied so much for a degree I’d wind up never using! I partied way more post college, once in NYC.

  8. Sue Robinson says:

    Ha! Loved seeing those pictures. I still remember you coming home after just leaving for school and crying about how you hate it and will never make friends. “You can make friends anywhere you go.” we told you and look at you now! Your hubby and kids are so beautiful, so glad you had the time of your life!
    Sue Robinson’s last blog I am blessed

    • Rachel says:

      Ha! I totally remember coming home and saying that- around Thanksgiving/Christmas time. And then I met Josh 2nd semester and the rest is history!

  9. College was SO fun, but I’m not in touch with one person! How odd is that?

  10. Khara says:

    Sorry to hear you couldn’t go but what a great way to celebrate on your own. Love the pics. So much fun. I did have a great time in college, thouch probably not as great of times as you (I went to a military school). But I agree, the besties from college, I think that was the best part of the whole experience.
    Khara’s last blog Sensitive Sunday

  11. Amber says:

    HAHAHAHA I had my tongue pierced for 12 years! Only took it out 2 summers ago because it started to hurt my teeth. Also had my nose and septum pierced numerous times! I like poking holes in myself apparently :P
    10 years ago I was a total weirdo, big raver pants, sparkles, unnaturally colored hair :-)
    There are many pictures to prove it!

    • Amber says:

      BTW, technically I should have been in college…but I took a few years off to find myself (AKA party too hard) so I was living in NYC and staying up for too many days at a time, LOL!
      I was actually pretty calm in college because I was older than almost everyone there.

  12. I loved loved loved college! And my two best friends in the world are from college. I always feel sad for anyone who didn’t have the “college experience”. I hope that my kids get to have the same kind of experience and I will be so happy that they are on campus and I am not there to see it!!!

  13. Natalie says:

    And this makes me sad that I didn’t go away to college. I missed out on so much!

    And now I know that you and me would be BFFs if we ever met. Seriously.
    Natalie’s last blog Ive Been Called Worse


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