Magic Powers Please

I have decided that I NEED some magic powers. I think every Mom needs some magic powers. I don’t know about you, but I just can’t get everything done during a 24 hour period. My thinking is that if I had these magic powers, my life would be so much easier. One can dream right?

I have narrowed down the magic powers that I dream about to my TOP 5:

1) The Finger Snap

The finger snap would allow me to instantly have a clean house, a clean kitchen, or perhaps magically have my kids in bed at any moment. Fighting over The #6 Train, Percy… AGAIN? SNAP! Both asleep. Fight over. Done.

2) Fly on the Wall

I would love to be able to spy on certain conversations. Or maybe I am just that nosy. Whatever the case may be…I just want to be a fly on the wall. Ya know…to get a little eavesdropping done. Or perhaps to catch the kids pre-drawing on the walls in their bedrooms. It would save me a lot of cleaning time.

3) Freeze Time

This would be HUGE for me. Being able to freeze time would allow me to easily do the following: Make dinner the second my kids started whining and pulling at their chairs because once again I have forgotten to start dinner and it is already 5:30. Or I could freeze time and take a nice, long hot shower while my kids sat frozen on the living room floor. Now that would be awesome.

4) The Location Beam AKA Teleportation

At any given moment, every single day…I daydream about going to some deserted tropical island. By myself. Sitting in the sun. With a large cocktail in my hand. Ya know…kind of like my blog header? This is where I would visit, probably more than I actually should…

Photo Credit: Victoria House

Okay, so full disclosure…I am actually GOING to the Victoria House…soon. Can I please teleport myself there…. now? Pretty…please?

5) The Mute Button

I admit, I am loud. Like VERY loud. So naturally, my kids are loud. But dear lord how I wish I could silence them. The screaming…and most importantly the whining. Oh how I wish I had a mute button.

“Mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Tyla took my marker!!!!!!! Waaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!”

“NO!!!!!!!!!! I don’t waaaaannnaaaa!”

Or the high pitched girl screams that come out of Tyler’s mouth…every 10 minutes…throughout the day.


And over.

And over.


Click….mute button pressed.

Alas…there is radio silence….heaven.

{If you could have ANY magic power, what would you choose?}

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  1. purseblogger says:

    I would definitely have your 5, esp the fly on the wall and freeze time lol. I think it would also be cool to fly. :)

  2. Adrienne May says:

    I could totally use the freeze button. I would just freeze things so I could get it all done. I feel like, even when I am most productive, the to-do’s are just stacking up as fast as I am getting them done, how can I possibly get ahead?!
    Adrienne May’s last blog Weekend To Do List

  3. Jen says:

    You are totally onto something here. Let’s find a fairy or something and make it happen.

  4. Ooo, I like this magic powers idea. A lot. I’d like to have the magical ability to make my muscle pain go away after a hard day doing yard work, moving furniture or even just going to the park with my son for the afternoon. Those bumpy slides hurt!
    Memoirs of a Single Dad’s last blog The Dating Game – The Career Woman

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I went to Victoria House! Ohhhh my gosh, I wish I was there now. Have fun when you go. I’m so jealous I could spit.

  6. Oh man, I would LOVE the teleporter thing! Please…someone take me away…somewhere!!!

  7. Shell says:

    If I could have the finger snap, I’d be one happy mommy.

  8. MommaKiss says:

    I’d go for the portable eyes, so that I can see my kid when he’s not in my care. Especially on the bus. Kids on the bus can be jerks.

    now let’s talk about that victoria house. Holy HELL – are you going ? OOF – that looks incredible.

  9. I’d like an all-inclusive remote control that performed the above functions, specifically the mute button. My ears are bleeding as we speak thanks to my toddler’s earth shattering screams. Earth shattering happy screams, mind you. Can you imagine how bad they are when she’s pissed? *sigh*
    Kristi {at} Live and Love Out Loud’s last blog You’re Definitely Addicted to Just Dance 2 If…

  10. I just had to crack up because the first four are things I’ve always dreamed about too!
    blueviolet @ A Nut in a Nutshell’s last blog Digging Out

  11. “I think every Mom needs some magic powers.” – AGREED!!

  12. Crystal says:

    ooh ooh! Can I have the finger snap too??!! Oh and the freeze time?? And the mute!!! I could utilize ALL of those!!

  13. gigi says:

    i want the power to stop my kids from being troublemaking teenagers when the time comes.
    and where is Victoria House? Looks lovely!
    gigi’s last blog The Braless Wonder

  14. INVISIBLE. That’s what I want:)

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