How To Get Kids To Eat Broccoli


I have spent the better part of 4 and 1/2 years trying to figure out ways to get Sadie to eat broccoli.

Hide it in a delicious nugget form? Nope.

Smother it in cheese sauce? Nope.

Bribe with a giant bowl of ice cream? Nope.

Bribe with a trip to the movie theater? Nope.

Bribe with a trip to Toys R Us? {Shudder} Nope.

I give up. Officially.

Take your *No-Thank-You* bite and be gone with you.

You can teach yourself how to eat broccoli when you turn 18 and move out of the house. What the hell do I care?

Enter Halloween this year.

The night after Halloween, Monday, November 1st will forever be known as, “The Day Sadie Ate Broccoli”.

Not only did she try broccoli, she ate the shit out of that damn broccoli!

“But only the tops of the trees Mommy.”

Why did she finally decide to eat broccoli?

Halloween Candy.

So none of my other bribes have ever worked and I had never wanted to go the candy route.

“Mommy, I can’t wait to eat Halloween candy after dinner tonight!!!!!” she squealed.

“Ummmm, are you going to eat your broccoli?” I asked her.


“Then I guess you aren’t going to be eating any Halloween candy.”

It was at this point in the conversation that I watched her pick up the first of the three broccoli trees and take a small bite.

I was shocked.

She proceeded to wash it down with milk.

Another small bite.

Wash it down with milk.

She repeated these actions until all 3 pieces of broccoli were GONE.

“But only the tops of the trees Mommy.”

Fine, don’t eat the stalks of the trees.

Do you know how many bites it took her to choke down 3 pieces of broccoli?


18 small ass bites of broccoli.

But she ate it.

I am however going to have to work on her “Halloween candy picking out abilities” though. After all of that do you know what she picked to eat?

Candy corn.

Say what?

How about some CHOCOLATE!?!??! What is wrong with her.

But she ate that damn broccoli!


{I’m over at Momtastic talking about the conflicting stories about Red Wine and Women’s Health. I would love for you to head on over there and check it out!}

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  1. My 2-year-old started that battle on me. BRoccoli was the first thing he stole off a plate, at an Applebee’s no less.
    Then just quit eating it.
    My family loves thai food, and one of the last times we went out and had some, he reached into my shrimp mango curry and fished out JUST the broccoli, and ate them all. Go figure.

  2. Too funny. Eveyone has their price.

    My kids will only eat their veggies raw. The crunchier the better. And a little ranch on the side for dipping never hurts either.
    They know the rule, all veggies and all milk must be gone before you even ask for a piece of candy. (I keep lots of sugar free treats on hand)

    Good luck – dont get up the veggie hope

  3. Lmao, 18 bites!!!! You are freaking hilarious!
    My boy eats broccoli with a little cheese on it. It can be melted american or parmesan. But he doesn’t all the other meats he used to eat. Now he only eats, hot dogs, chicken nuggets or grilled chicken and turkey lunchmeat. Wtf….and he used to eat EVERYthing we ate.

  4. If broccoli and brussel sprouts smelled better kids might eat it. : )

    When I was a kid we always ate broccoli with cheese sauce. Always. I didn’t know broccoli was served without it for the longest time. I still love that damn cheese sauce.

    And yeah, candy corn over a Butterfinger or Chocolate M&Ms. That is all wrong.

  5. I am really trying to make them eat broccoli but I experience that problem that neither my husband, nor my parents are fans of broccoli. So my persuasive power is not very strong :(What would you recommend in that case?

  6. Nobody grows broccoli here, so I never had to deal with this. But it seems as you found the miracle. My tot is all into his daddy these days, whatever the Hubs is eating, he wants it too. Unfortunately my better half doesn’t always pick the healthiest things.

  7. Ha! You finally got her to do it. And damn if she didn’t actually like it!

    I actually love it, but my mom cooked everything WAY too long when I was growing up, so I had to taste it cooked the right way to enjoy it later in life.

    Yay, Sadie!

  8. My 6 yr old loves brocoli, Wants brocoli with dinner ever night. I just can’t get him to eat Meat, Have any suggestions for that one, I cant do tofu or any soy foods, I grew up on meat. Oh and i have tried tofu just for him, he calls it sponge and no he wont eat it.

  9. Hey, whatever works, right?? :) I’m glad she was able to get through the broccoli. I had to have mine smothered in cheese or it wasn’t going anywhere near my mouth. Mmmm…

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