Have you heard about #2DaysInSeattle?

If not, where have you been?

Rick Bakas, fellow Certified Sommelier and food and wine pairing nut (ummmm, sounds familiar right?) is giving away a 2 day trip to Seattle.


The question to answer?

What will you do with $500 and 2 days in Seattle?

That’s an easy answer. Drink LOTS of fabulous wine and eat TONS of fabulous food.

But that’s not all.

There are so many awesome sightseeing places to go in Seattle. Think Space Needle, the Seattle Waterfront and the World Famous Pike Place Fish Market.

Space  Needle

Seattle Water Front

Pike Place Fish Market

Another super wine geeky place I would love to go? Woodinville Wine Country. It’s just 30 minutes outside of the city and is home to dozens of local wineries, cellars and tasting rooms.

But what about the downtown Seattle food and wine scene? That’s where I would want to spend most of my time.

My #1 priority? Visiting the Purple Cafe & Wine Bar. I gotta check out that crazy wine tower. Wine storage and display eye candy in full force.

Seattle is home to so many awesome cafes and restaurants, it would be hard to choose which restaurants to go to in just 2 days with $500. Here is my short list of awesome restaurants to check out:

Cafe Campagne 



Shiro’s Sushi Restaurant¬†

Or wait…better yet. Why don’t I just win the trip to Seattle and attend the weekend of Taste of Washington and hit up all of the great restaurants, bars and wineries as part of this awesome event?

I say yes. Who’s with me?


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